Fully integrated with familiar desktop software like Microsoft Office and Outlook, Causeway ECM has provided the ideal document management solution for regional contractor, Stepnell.

Stepnell recognised the need for an electronic document management system when their consortium won a contract to design, build and maintain ten new PFI fire stations across Staffordshire. The complexity of this task resulted in a massive influx of information – too much for their paper-based system to handle – highlighting the need for more configurability and flexibility in a document management solution.

"Before finding Causeway, we trialled a system from one of their competitors, which really opened our eyes to the full extent of the issues and challenges inherent to electronic content management systems" – David Brill, Director of Stepnell.

Stepnell's solution had to be flexible, familiar and easy to use, to encourage staff to engage with the new system. Independent sources confirmed fantastic adoption rates with Causeway's solution, with over 95% of staff proven to engage with the software, compared to other systems that require far more support to achieve anything close to this level of engagement. Further reassured by Open Text's backing of Causeway, Stepnell selected Causeway ECM to roll out to 300 employees across their business.

"Not only would there be the potential to save £3 million over a five year period, it became clear that we could achieve a return on investment within the first year alone. Based on this return, there really was no question as to whether we would be investing in Causeway ECM." – David Brill, Director of Stepnell.
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