When compiling cost plans or bills of quantities, the accuracy of the rate data is a key factor. Many hours are spent ensuring that this data is up-to-date and correct.

"Are you re-using this data for future projects, whether this be for feasibility purposes or future rate building?"

The CATO Suite offers the ability to centralise your cost data in one, easily accessible database. The tools enable your rate data to be re-used for upcoming projects at a cost per square metre basis for feasibility (benchmarking) or re-indexed to time and location for re-use within cost plans. The modules allow full integration from feasibility through the cost planning stages to life cycle costing.

What’s more, as the requirement to become ‘BIM Ready’ heightens within the construction industry, CATO also offers a full BIM compatible measurement tool that also dynamically integrates quantities into the cost plan or bill of quantities.

The CATO PreCon Suite is a cost effective way of acquiring the powerful tools required for efficient cost management in today’s climate, and comprises the following modules

  • QuickEst
  • Cost Planning
  • BIMMeasure
  • Take Off & Bills
  • Document Viewer

To learn how it can enhance your quantity surveying work, contact us for a free demo

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