Delegates from over 30 organisations involved in highways maintenance recently had the opportunity to see practical examples of how technology can help to improve efficiency and drive down costs.

Presented jointly by Causeway Technologies and Kier Highways, ‘Innovation and Technology Within The Highways Sector‘, discussed the challenges facing the sector and how contractors might address these.

The event was introduced by Causeway COO James Atkinson, who noted the considerable change the sector is currently experiencing and the requirement for faster, lower cost project delivery.

In doing so he highlighted the 30% cost savings target of the Highways Maintenance Efficiency Programme, and the requirements of the Government’s Industrial Strategy for Construction for 33% efficiency savings and 50% faster delivery. “These requirements are so demanding that contractors can’t meet them simply by doing the same things a bit better,” he suggested.

He went on to note the potential role of technologies in helping contractors to improve efficiency. These include ‘intelligent’ assets that are able to communicate in support of predictive maintenance and the tools that are now available for managing ‘big data’ effectively.

One company that is using Causeway’s technology solutions to underpin efficiency improvements is Kier Highways, which has been working in partnership with Causeway since 2013.

Jon Saunders, the company’s Head of IT and Business Systems, explained how Causeway Project Accounting (CPA) has played a key role in improving efficiency and reducing costs, while helping to address changes within the business.

One of the most recent changes was the acquisition of EM Highways by Kier Group to form Kier Highways, bringing together a number of different types of highways maintenance contracts.

“It was clear we needed a system that could be used across all of the company’s highways contracts, giving us a single, consistent approach across the company,” he recalled.
“The Causeway solution is fully scalable, so it can be ‘lifted and shifted’ to any contract to produce consistent financial performance data, transparency and auditability. Furthermore, the reporting lets us get an application for payment out to our client at the push of a button, saving 5 days a month per contracthe added.
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