Drainage and surfacing specialist D&E Mackay has upgraded its take-off and estimating processes by implementing Causeway Estimating and CAD Measure, having made a thorough review of the various solutions on the market.

The Causeway solution met a number of the company’s key criteria. These included the ability to import Bills of Quantity spreadsheets directly into Estimating and the use of a central library to ensure that everyone is working with the same figures.

Another key benefit is that the combination of CAD Measure and Estimating ensures a consistent workfloe from take-off enough through to producing the estimates and generating information, such as material lists, for other areas of the business at the end of the process. Thanks to Estimating’s tender adjudication functions the company now also has improved control of margins.

The end result is that D&E Mackay is now able to produce tenders in less time and is therefore able to bid for more projects with the same resources, thereby increasing opportunities for winning more work.

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