Ringway/Eurovia Group has extended its use of Causeway Project Accounting to assist the company in the management of a significant traffic management contract on the Isle of Wight.

The Group will be operating within a Vinci Concessions public finance initiative to reconstruct, replace and enhance all of the road-related infrastructure on the island. This will include 804 km of rural and urban roads, 756 km of footpaths, 29 km of cycle ways, over 12,000 street lights, road traffic signs, traffic signals and CCTV.

Following an initial seven year core investment phase the company will continue to maintain and improve the road infrastructure, working in close partnership with the Isle of Wight Council. Causeway Project Accounting (CPA) bridges the gap between the estimating and financial functions of a contracting business, integrating projects, clients and corporate IT systems into one easy to use solution. As such, it puts the user in control of project profitability by providing accurate and timely cost, value and performance data on individual projects and across the enterprise.

In selecting Causeway Project Accounting Ringway/Eurovia will be able to capture and manage key project cost information, including mobile data. The software will also enable proactive monitoring of committed, accrued and actual costs for all labour, plant, material, sub-contract and other resources.

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