In this week's Construction Week magazine, Chief Operating Officer of Causeway Middle East, Paul Madeira, explains the importance of construction-specific accounting systems, like Causeway Project Accounting (CPA).

“Contractors need system that are not only accurate, but that also help increase their efficiency.”

Having already been used on large projects, both internationally and across the Middle East, CPA is a proven, project-dedicated commercial management system, which integrates with any accounting system. In an environment like the Middle East - where joint ventures are commonplace - a solution that supports multiple HQ-based systems is invaluable. What’s more, the fact it is construction-specific and project-dedicated makes CPA the ideal choice for construction contractors. Paul Madeira comments:

“Finance systems are very adept at letting you know what the cost is, but unless the cost can be compared to the project’s budget to date, it cannot possibly give you performance indicators and show you the trend. It is essential for a contractor to be able to see what he is producing against what has been allowed for his construction budget, and CPA fully supports this. Causeway offers a range of solutions that go right across the construction supply chain.”

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