Charter Housing Association is one of a number of organisations that have recently implemented Causeway’s Tradex e-Invoicing solution to help reduce the costs and time associated with managing transactions with suppliers. In doing so, the company is taking full advantage of the integration between Tradex and the Causeway Vixen Property & Building Services Maintenance software solution.

For some years, Newport-based Charter Housing has been using Causeway Vixen software to supports its management of nearly 5,000 homes across Newport, Caerphilly, Torfaen and Monmouthshire. In January 2013 the Association integrated Causeway Telematics with the Vixen software to enable live location data to ensure efficient scheduling of staff.

Implementing the Tradex e-Invoice connection brings another level of efficiency to the organisation. It enables around 80% of invoices from suppliers to be entered directly into the Vixen accounting solution, thereby saving a significant amount of time on the manual processing of paper invoices.

Other organisations to take advantage of the Tradex e-Invoicing solution include Richard Irving, ESH Group, Yearsley Logistics and Lee Brothers Bilston.

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