Rochford Paving Ltd has adopted a more centralised approach to the production of estimates with the help of Causeway Estimating, while increasing the speed of take-off using Causeway CAD Measure.

Established in 1986, Rochford Paving has expanded from its original paving contractor role into providing groundworks, hard & soft landscaping, reinforced concrete structures and paving to the construction industry.

The company had been taking-off from drawings manually and using a spreadsheet-based system to produce tenders. In seeking to increase the speed of tender production and improve response to customers Rochford selected Causeway Estimating as meeting its criteria, combined with CAD Measure for automated measurement. The additional features within Causeway Estimating, such as historical estimate data, a centralised library and advanced tender adjudication tools, were an added bonus.

In addition, Estimating’s ability to provide a true multi-user environment – enabling several estimators to collaborate in real time on the same estimate – supports the centralisation of the tender production process to introduce significant improvements in productivity.

Key benefits:

  • Multi-user collaboration.
  • Faster take-off.
  • Automatic export of take-off data to Estimating.
  • Central library of rates and descriptions.
  • Availability of historical estimate data.
  • Tender adjudication for risk management.
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