Smith & Byford is using Causeway’s property and building services maintenance softwareto manage planned and reactive maintenance for over 61,000 commercial and residential properties throughout the UK.

The company delivers a wide range of installation and maintenance services. These include gas services, electrical testing and building management systems – each requiring engineers with specific skills and qualifications.

“When we were managing the workforce manually, engineers had to report daily to pick up their worksheets and drop off their timesheets,” said General Manager David McDonald. “Thanks to Vixen, engineers are now able to work from home and collect products directly from their local wholesaler, and we only pay for the product once it has been collected. So we have saved on the cost of holding stock and the workforce is more efficient.”

When Smith & Byford initially implemented Vixen Service & Maintenance, a key focus was integrating the mapping function with the engineer’s diary, facilitating efficient job allocation. Causeway and Smith & Byford have since worked together to develop additional functionality within Vixen.

One of the new functions enables Smith & Byford to calculate the best route for an engineer based on appointment times. It also incorporates a ‘snail trail’ function that can be used to compare the actual routes taken by engineers with the best route calculated by the software.

“I haven’t seen any other software that provides such a comprehensive solution, from mobile solutions through to financial management and invoicing,” added Chairman Will Smith. “When you include tracking and mapping in that mix, as well as the flexibility with Bluetooth analysers, I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else. We are going to continue to grow by 10% each year and Causeway is going to be there with us, introducing new developments and making us better.”

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