Causeway was the winner in two categories of the Benefits Excellence Awards 2014: Best Use of Benefits to Drive Business Strategy and Best Wellbeing Strategy. These wins recognise the innovative approach of Causeway Lifestyle, including the company’s flexible benefits and Wellness programmes, and the value they bring for both the company and its employees.

Causeway Wellness stands out from many other wellbeing programmes for its focus on proactive support, tailored to address a comprehensive range of health and wellbeing issues identified. Consequently, the programme extends across 6 pillars of wellbeing, from physical health and lifestyle considerations through to fitness, nutrition, resilience and financial wellbeing.

Fiona Buchanan, Executive Vice President for HR, commented:

“We are delighted to have received this recognition for Causeway Lifestyle and Causeway Wellness. Their development has been very much a team effort involving both the HR Department and all of the employees who have engaged with the programme. Causeway Lifestyle has delivered, and will continue to deliver, significant business benefits to the company, as well as supporting individual wellbeing needs.”
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