As followers of Our Team 2012, we visited the British Olympic Association on 21st of March, to meet members of the Olympic and Paralympic Teams and hear Dr. Mike Loosemore, one of the UK’s leading physicians, explain the importance of our funding to sports science.

“Funding for sports science is vital to our Olympic success.” he explained; “Every day, we invest five-hundred hours of scientific support in our athletes. Without this, they simply couldn’t compete at the highest level.”

Also in attendance were boxer Anthony Ogogo and captain of the UK Paralympic wheelchair rugby team Steve ‘Archie’ Palmer, both of whom were more than familiar with Mike’s expertise as a physio. As a veteran of ‘Murderball’, the most dangerous sport Mike has ever witnessed, Archie is no stranger to injury:

“Just before Christmas, I took a nasty hit, fell badly and tore my sternocleidomastoid muscle. Thanks to Mike, I’m already back in training! With Mike’s support, I saw so much improvement in such a short time that I only needed eight-weeks off!”

Anthony had a similar experience:

“The low point of my career was in 2008, when I injured my shoulder and couldn’t train. I started missing events and was even dropped from the squad. Having Mike on my side made all the difference; I’m now the number one middle weight in the country and, all going well, I’ll be boxing in the London Olympics.”

Just like our customers rely on our software and developers to keep their businesses fully operational, elite athletes rely on a whole range of support to keep them operating at 100%.

“Even individual sports are really team events.” Mike explained, philosophically. “From nutritionists and coaches to psychologists and performance analysts; behind every successful Olympian, there is a whole team of specialists.” Just as we discovered at our ‘On and Off the Pitch seminar’ last November, the similarities between elite athletes and market leading businesses is striking.

Naturally, however, this support doesn’t come cheap and Mike firmly believes the funding from the Lottery, the Government and private companies like Causeway is essential to keeping ahead of the competition.

“The UK should be a world-leader in sports science. We can’t rely on the USA or Australia to make developments in sports science because, by the time these are passed on us, the Olympics have passed.”

It is certainly true that our recent developments in sports science have had a radical impact on our Olympic performance; our single gold medal in Athens was dwarfed by our haul of eighteen in Beijing! Amongst a sea of sandwiches and tiny Victoria sponge cakes, the British Olympic Association has once again reminded us how important our funding is to these remarkable athletes. Further information contact: t: +44 (0) 1628 552000 e: [email protected]

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