Causeway Tradex has been selected by Norland Managed Services to help the facilities management company manage its invoices electronically and maintain a high standard of service and efficiency.

Norland Managed Services is one of the UK’s fastest growing facilities management providers with sales growth of 64% over the last three years. Consequently, the volume of invoices that need to be managed has also grown – and continues to rise at around 20% per annum.

“We have traditionally been a paper-based company but we realised we would need to introduce electronic invoice processing to maintain the same standards with a much higher volume of invoices,” explained Duncan Green, Norland’s Group Financial Director. “We evaluated a number of potential suppliers and Causeway Tradex came out on top. It has the functionality and ease of use that we were looking for, and many of our key suppliers are already using Tradex.”

The decision to move to Tradex follows a succession of business process projects being undertaken by Norland designed to make doing business with the company even more transparent and seamless. The move follows hot on the heels of Norland’s Supply Partner event at which preferred suppliers, Norland staff and customers met for a full-day conference themed around “mitigating supply chain risk”. Tradex will be implemented in phases, with Phase 1 covering Norland’s top 20 suppliers – 13 of which are already using Tradex to manage their own invoices. These 20 suppliers account for 40% of Norland’s invoice volume, so the company expects to see significant benefits very quickly. Subsequent phases will see Tradex being rolled out to remaining suppliers and potentially also being used for the electronic management of purchase orders. Discover more about Causeway Tradex.

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