In 2012 Causeway announced that it would be supporting carbon offset projects in India and Turkey to offset its carbon emissions for 2011 and maintain its carbon neutral status. We are delighted to report that both projects, selected with the assistance of Carbon Clear, are proving very successful. With Causeway’s support they are making a major contribution to reducing environmental impact in their regions while also creating local employment. The Wind Electricity Generation Project in Rajasthan comprises five wind turbines with a total installed power generation of 3.5MWe, which is fed back into the regional electricity grid. The project is achieving emissions reductions of 6,300 tCO2e/year while helping Rajasthan address its power deficit and supporting social and economic development in the area. The Cakit Run-of-River Hydro Project in Adana Province, Turkey is only the second hydropower project in the world to receive SOCIALCARBON accreditation. It is expected to generate 91GWh of electricity per annum, using the water head on the Cakit river to run its two turbines. A key feature of this project is its ability to generate hydro-power without needing to build a dam, thus reducing environmental impact. Causeway is committed to maintaining its carbon neutral status through its carbon reduction programme and by offsetting remaining emissions. An announcement is expected soon about selected projects for offsetting 2012 emissions.

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