Ringway Jacobs has selected a suite of Causeway solutions, including Causeway Project Accounting (CPA), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Estimating and Tradex to manage the largest highways contract in the UK.

Reportedly worth up to £3 billion, the Essex County Council highways maintenance contract will run for at least ten years and could well be extended to fifteen. In choosing Ringway Jacobs, Essex County Council has replaced the ten contracts currently managing their highways with just a single contract, which will be managed by our project management solution, CPA. A major advantage of CPA, therefore, will be its close integration with Ringway Jacob’s asset management solution, which will enable them to effectively manage the enormous amount of plant and equipment involved in a contract as big as this. Moreover, CPA’s support for extensive, activity-specific reporting will ensure they meet the council’s detailed reporting requirements and desire for transparency. Ringway Jacobs has already used CPA to manage their highways maintenance contracts for Transport for Buckinghamshire, Transport for London and Cheshire East Council. They can therefore approach the Essex contract with confidence, knowing the powerful cost capture and management functionality of CPA is ideal for large target cost contracts of this kind.

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