UKAS certification body LRQA has now given their certificate of approval to Causeway Technologies Limited for the Internationally recognised Standard for Business Continuity Management System - ISO 22301:2012.

Certification demonstrates Causeway's commitment to providing a reliable high-quality service to its customers and has resulted in improved organizational resilience, improved legal and regulatory compliance, as well as cost savings and revenue protection. Certification has also reduced the need for third-party audits of its Business Continuity Management (BCM) arrangements by partners wishing to do business with the company.

ISO 22301 identifies the fundamentals of business continuity management to protect against, reduce the likelihood of, and ensure businesses recover from disruptive incidents. This is achieved through minimising risk and increasing resilience.

Not only does this shield Causeway from disruption and loss during even minor events, it protects our stakeholders/customers through increased reliability and an enhanced capability to handle disruption and protect brand reputation for all affected by disruptions.

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