As the real estate market in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) experiences an upturn, contractors are looking for ways to enhance their efficiency and competitiveness in the bidding process. For three Abu Dhabi-based contractors recently, Causeway Estimating was the obvious choice.

Causeway Estimating is more than just a pricing tool. It is a complete tendering solution that significantly reduces the time and cost of producing bids. This was a key factor in its selection by MACE Contractors, IMECO and Silver Coast Construction & Boring.

Paul Madeira, Causeway Chief Operating Officer, commented:

“Small to medium sized contractors can spend an average of 100 hours on each bid, yet statistics show they may only win one in eight. Causeway Estimating will not only help these companies produce accurate bids faster, it will also provide them with clearer visibility of risk, cost and it will enable them to take full advantage of value engineering opportunities."

IMECO (International Mechanical & Electrical Co) is a mechanical and electrical contracting company that works in various fields of engineering, construction and maintenance in both the oil & gas and government sectors. As well as introducing Causeway Estimating to streamline its bid production, the company will be making use of CADMeasure for automated quantities measurement from 2D CAD and PDF drawings.

MACE (Mechanical and Civil Engineering Contractors Company LLC) provides a range of services to municipalities and oil and gas companies. Causeway Estimating will play a key role in producing accurate bids in much less time. The same is true of Silver Coast Construction & Boring LLC, a diversified civil construction company that will be using Causeway Estimating to support its six-strong estimating team bidding on projects throughout the UAE.

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