Causeway Flow continues to find favour with specialist engineering consultancy firms as three organisations purchase licences for Causeway’s next-generation drainage package.

The three customer wins are but a few of many that have taken place in 2018, seeing various organisations switch from more expensive alternatives to a state-of-the-art drainage design solution that allows users to deliver optimal, UK-compliant drainage systems without any trade-offs or initial license fees.

Looking to more effectively manage the demands of over 25 imminent housing projects, Kingmoor Consulting - which specialises in civil, structural and geotechnical services - purchased the Causeway Flow Professional bundle package, which is specifically designed for organisations that require comprehensive hydraulic design capabilities with CAD integration.

This CAD integration functionality was also a key driver for JKB Consulting’s choice of the Professional bundle. Based in Northern Ireland, JKB Consulting are a flood risk and drainage consultancy firm who (after speaking with an existing Causeway Flow customer) found Flow’s value proposition and business case to be more compelling than that of competitors’.

Kieran J. Barry & Associates is another organisation that was drawn to Flow’s next-generation functionality and competitive pricing. The company provides consulting engineering, project management and architectural expertise for projects of any size, promising the highest quality of design at competitive prices. In order to deliver this standard of service, the firm was looking to replace outdated drainage design software that had not been maintained since 2008 and lacked the functionality necessary for current projects.

Given Kieran J. Barry & Associates’ emphasis on price and functionality, the transition to Causeway Flow is an intuitive one, allowing the firm to meet otherwise challenging project demands that would have been impossible through legacy software.

For more information on the next-generation features of Causeway Flow, or to discover a whole new way to buy drainage design software, click here or get in touch with Tom Fox on (0)1628 552061. You can also download a full feature list here.

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