Backed by ECM experts, Open Text, who invest £200 million of R&D into the core product each year, Causeway ECM is a truly low-risk investment, whilst remaining entirely scalable and affordable for businesses of any size:

  • Kier Group: £2bn turnover, UK's 5th largest contractor, 7,000 ECM users.
  • Higgins: £225m turnover, UK's 56th largest contractor, 400 ECM users.
  • Stepnell: £60m turnover, regional building contractor, 150 ECM users.
  • Sharkey: £31m turnover, regional fit-out contractor, 150 ECM users.
  • O'Keefe: £23m turnover, regional groundworks contractor, 50 ECM users.
  • TRAD: £14m turnover, regional scaffolding contractor, 50 ECM users.
"Not only is there potential to save £3 million over a five year period, we also expect to achieve a return on investment within the first year." – David Brill, Director of Stepnell.

Discover how Stepnell are improving information & communication using Causeway ECM

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