With a view to increasing the speed of take-off from drawings and improving tender turnaround, Coinford Construction has implemented Causeway’s CAD Measure automated measurement software.

Coinford Construction operates as an integral part of clients’ project teams, providing a wide range of services. It is a progressive organisation that continually evolves its processes to better meet the needs of its clients, which includes the use of information technology where appropriate.

Previously the company had been using manual take-off methods and, with a growing volume of work, this imposed constraints on its ability to respond quickly to enquiries. In using CAD Measure for take-off from PDF and DWG drawings the company is able to measure quantities for estimates more quickly, thereby improving productivity, response times and the statistical probability of winning more work.

Key benefits

  • Faster take-off from drawings.
  • Quicker response times to enquiries.
  • Improved service to clients.
  • Supports increased volume of tenders.
  • Automatic extraction of quantities and properties for use in estimate.
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