We are very proud to announce that Causeway has been shortlisted with EM Highways for the CIHT “Effective Partnership National Award”. Beyond the excitement of running for the award, this underlines a real shift within the highways industry towards redesigning the role technology has in making organisations more effective and efficient.

The Causeway Highways Management Suite, and the partnership with Causeway has become an integral part of EM’s business, with all aspects of EM’s work being fulfilled through Causeway software.The relationship has seen both organisations grow as a result of the partnership both at home and overseas.

Causeway Chief Operating Officer James Atkinson commented: “EM and Causeway have formed a true partnership, working together to develop and implement an innovative IT platform that has enabled the business to double in size in just 2 years and achieve top place in the Highways Agency StART assessments.” EM and Causeway share the same view that the innovative use of IT and technology is a critical foundation to a modern organisation, providing an ‘enabling framework’ by which not only to grow an efficient, sustainable business, but also maximise the quality of service to clients and the road users. James Atkinson added: “I am delighted that EM Highway Services and Causeway Technologies have been shortlisted for the CIHT Effective Partnership Award 2015.

The awards ceremony will take place on 9 june 2015 at the Landmark London. Head over to CIHT’s website to view all the nominees. We hope to see you there.

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