The theme of the Causeway Kick-Off event for 2015 was ‘Customer Success’, highlighting the company’s restructuring to create entrepreneurial customer-centric business units. The event was held at the Royal Institution, which is a beneficiary of a significant grant from Causeway to launch a new programme of Computer Science Masterclasses for young people.

Introducing the event, BBC Business and Economics Correspondent, Simon Jack referenced the continuing economic recovery and its implications for Causeway’s strategy through 2015 and beyond.

This theme was taken up by CEO Phil Brown: “On the whole I think there is a feel-good factor coming into our lives and into the lives of our customers and that brings with it both opportunity and danger,” he observed.

To maximise the opportunities while minimising the danger, Causeway’s focus is very much on developing a better understanding of its customers and a closer relationship with them. “It’s all about understanding the pains and passions of our customers and trying to understand what we can do to help make them more successful,” Phil Brown explained.

The Causeway Kick-Off also provides an opportunity to bring in people from outside the organisation to share their insights. This year two guest speakers gave their insights into what it really means to get beneath the surface and understand the value that a company can bring to its customers.

Paul Alexander, CEO of Beyond Analysis, explored the importance of behavioural data in getting closer to customers: “The important thing is to understand how data sources can be used to improve the understanding of the customer. It’s about understanding how people are using products and how that will help to build a rounded picture of how to interact with the customer and engage with them in better ways,” he explained.

David Pinder of Value Genie described how traditional sales practices need to change in a truly customer-centric business. “In the past, customers were ‘targeted’ – they were just expected to ‘buy stuff’,” he suggested. “New technologies and interconnectivity have given the customer more power, so we are now in a customer value-led era where the customer must be a collaborator in the creation of a brilliant customer experience,” he added.

Summing up, Phil Brown recalled: “2014 was a big year for Causeway. We’ve had lots of meetings, lots of insight, lots of workshops and lots of talk about how we want to structure the business going forward. The biggest change, though, has been that every employee in Causeway has had a voice about the future of the business and embraced the changes that we are making.

“So we are now looking forward to an exciting 2015 that will see us engaging more effectively with customers and understanding what they need to deliver to their customers. And, most importantly, how Causeway can help them achieve that – we are very focused on making our customers ‘stars’ in the eyes of their customers.”

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