In changing to Causeway Plans – a subscription-based model encompassing a range of Causeway software solutions, R&W Civil Engineering is saving time on software licence management while extending the functionality of the products involved.

R&W delivers a wide range of civil engineering services and is a primary supply chain partner to organisations operating highways contracts. The company has been using Causeway’s Highways suite alongside a number of other products since 2015. With extended use of the software in the company the licensing structure had become more complex and the company was looking for a simpler arrangement.

To address this, Causeway proposed Causeway Plans – its subscription model – whereby the software is procured through an annual payment rather than a large capital outlay. This approach greatly simplifies the licensing, as all users then have access to the same range of features and functions.

In addition, the subscription introduces new features for R&W, including an analytics dashboard tool for Causeway Project Accounting (CPA), a new, fresher HTML client and an automated test framework. The latter enables faster and easier comparisons of different software versions.

Moreover, R&W will now benefit from quarterly ‘health checks’, with Causeway’s experts evaluating how the software is being used and advising on areas for improvement where appropriate.

In addition to CPA Highways Management, the new R&W subscription agreement includes Mobile Workforce, Causeway Financial Accounting, Causeway Estimating, Enterprise Content Management and Vision software.

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