In adopting ECM Plans, the subscription model of Causeway’s Enterprise Content Management (ECM), ECG Facilities Services (ECGFS) is fixing document management costs while also introducing additional functionality.

ECGFS is a leader in the provision of building services maintenance repair and installation and has offices throughout the UK. The company initially implemented Causeway ECM in 2012/2013 and quickly experienced improvements in business processes and efficiency. As a result, the ECM solution has been widely adopted, resulting in a doubling of the number of users and significant increases in the cost of data storage space.

This situation had been further exacerbated by the dilemma of whether to transfer contract information to lower cost but less accessible Tier 2 data storage, creating problems if the data was required quickly in the future.

Following extended discussions with ECG, Causeway proposed an alternative solution to address these specific challenges. This solution would ultimately reduce the overall cost per user, greatly increase the available capacity of fast-access Tier 1 data storage and introduce additional productivity features to the ECG’s document management processes.

This solution was built around ECM Plans, which is procured through an annual payment rather than a large capital outlay. It also provides ECG with access to data from mobile devices, Tempo Box synchronised cloud storage and extended workflow functions. The bundle also includes archiving functionality if required in the future.

Crucially, in terms of addressing ECG’s particular issues, Causeway also used its ‘buying power’ to facilitate access to sufficient lower cost Tier 1 storage to meet the company’s needs for the foreseeable future. This has resulted in a 31% reduction in the total cost per gigabyte of storage.

A further benefit to ECG is that the increased Tier 1 storage means that less time needs to be devoted to archive management, enabling staff to spend more time on tasks that add value for the company and its customers.

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