Causeway’s Professional Design Suite (PDS) has played a key role in enabling Alan Johnston Partnership (AJP) to grow the civil engineering side of its business significantly. As well as helping to streamline workflows. PDS has also been instrumental in enhancing the range of services that AJP is able to offer its customers.

The Alan Johnston Partnership LLP is a civils and structural consultancy, involved in major projects across all areas of the construction industry. The company puts great emphasis on providing its customers with high quality, clear, practical and co-ordinated information – which, for civil engineering consultancy, is supported by PDS.

As a result, AJP has significantly increased its use of PDS and has recently switched to a subscription procurement model for the software, replacing the traditional licence renewals with a small monthly payment. This arrangement is proving to be more cost-effective and flexible when adding new users.

AJP’s Kenny O’Brien recalled:

“Before we implemented PDS the civils side of our operations was relatively small and we were doing designs manually in 2D. Then we won a large contract for a mental health unit with a lot of cut and fill calculations that would have been very time-consuming if done manually. Having seen PDS in action, we recognised that it could significantly speed-up this process."

Since PDS was introduced in 2011 the civil engineering department has grown from one person to six and this has become a significant part of the company’s business. It has also enabled AJP to broaden the range of services it provides to contractors. This has resulted in high levels of repeat business and gives the company an edge on its competitors.

Additionally, PDS has supported the company’s growing use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) and AJP was the first independent structural and civil engineering company in the UK to be verified by the BSI Kitemark for delivery of BIM Level 2 projects.

Looking ahead, the company sees PDS playing a role in improved integration, development of cross-sections and scheduling. This will support high level appraisals and materials management services for developers. “Being able to quickly provide a high-level appraisal of a site is a very useful service for developers as it helps them to decide which land they are going to buy,” Kenny O’Brien explained.

“There is no doubt that PDS has made an important contribution to the growth of our civil engineering operations. In making the design process more efficient through streamlined workflows it enables us to manage higher workloads, while also giving us the functionality to broaden the range of value added services we are able to offer,” he concluded.

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