In introducing Causeway’s Tradex e-Invoicing solution, Cardy Construction is streamlining the management of supply chain transactions while also taking advantage of the flexibility delivered by the Tradex OrderPad app.

Cardy Construction has been constructing buildings in Kent and surrounding counties for over 60 years. As such, the company undertakes general building and construction as well as specialist repairs, restoration and refurbishment and design and build turnkey projects.

With a view to reducing the time spent on manual processing of invoices, Cardy is implementing Tradex to receive invoices from suppliers and sub-contractors, with automated matching of invoices to purchase orders. As part of the solution, the company is deploying the OrderPad app on mobile devices so that orders can be generated from any location.

OrderPad generates order numbers based on buyer company, supplier and job number on the mobile device. These order numbers are also stored in the main Tradex software via the Remote Ordering module, so that back office operations have instant visibility of them. Order numbers are then automatically matched against invoices as the latter are received through Tradex.

OrderPad also incorporates offline working so that up to 10 order numbers can be generated without the need for an active internet connection. The order numbers are then sent to Tradex as soon as internet connectivity is available.

Top e-Invoicing Benefits with Tradex

Key benefits

  • Time savings on manual processing of invoices
  • Ability to raise orders from site
  • Automated matching/validation of order numbers with invoices
  • Reduced paper to manage and archive
  • Improved visibility and control of transactions

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