Having upgraded to Causeway Estimating, Halsall Construction is able to respond to enquiries promptly, streamline its management of sub-contractors and also work with more timely cost data to improve accuracy and add value for its customers.

Halsall is a family owned main contractor and developer based in Bath and Exeter working across the South West in the residential, care, health and education sectors. The company had previously been using a spreadsheet-based system to produce estimates and could see a number of advantages to upgrading to a proprietary system. Having considered three systems, Causeway was chosen for its ability to meet all of the selection criteria at a competitive cost.

Matthew Stringer, Estimating Manager at Halsall explained, “One of the main issues we faced was that it was difficult and time-consuming to issue enquiries to sub-contractors and compare the quotes when they were returned to us. Causeway Estimating enables us to do this very quickly and saves on re-keying of information, so that turnaround of tenders is quicker.

It also makes life easier for our sub-contractors; they are able to respond to our enquiries faster and as a result, the bids that we put forward are based on real-time costs rather than historical data.”

Another area of interest to Halsall was the ‘spreadlet’ function in the Causeway system. This provides the ability to link to specialised, formulated spreadsheets. “Whilst we are intending to use Estimating for the majority of tenders, we anticipate that the spreadlets feature will prove useful for certain specialised projects such as drainage,” Matthew added.

The Estimating system has now been fully adopted into Halsall’s bidding processes. This ensures that the teams can efficiently target the increased opportunities in the market and continue with the year on year growth the company has experienced recently.

Want to see the Causeway Estimating in action? Click below and a member of our team will be in touch to schedule a suitable time for a demo.


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