British MPs Stephen McPartland and Adam Afriyie have called for Britain to ‘catch up’ with the rest of Europe in the use of e-invoicing for public sector procurement. Writing in the Guardianthey suggest:

“Not only would e-invoicing save huge amounts of taxpayers' money, it would, if implemented properly, stimulate the almost instantaneous emergence of online services for e-invoicing and the adoption of electronic open standards. Britain could become a world leader in the field, creating thousands of new jobs and a lasting boost to economic growth.”

Tim Cole, Causeway Executive Vice President for Strategy, responded:

“This is an excellent contribution that goes way beyond addressing a minor technical issue. The adoption of e-invoicing and other forms of eTrading is directly relevant to the whole debate about delivering efficient public services and delivering economic growth. “The environment for adopting e-invoicing is excellent within the UK, including the legislative, tax and technical components – so now we need to make it work in practice. This article rightly sets out the role Government has in making this happen. After all, it makes no sense to allow this level of inefficiency at a time when so many other vital services are under financial pressure.”

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