EM Highway Services is continuing to finesse its use of Causeway software with greater integration between Tradex, MyRegister, Causeway Project Accounting (CPA) and Enterprise Content Management (ECM).

EM Highway Services has been using both the Tradex e-Invoicing solution and MyRegister supply chain management solution for some time, operating as independent systems. These are now being integrated so that as suppliers are accredited through MyRegister, their information is used to automatically create a Tradex account. The supplier then receives an email invitation and simply has to click on a link to activate their account.

In parallel, EM Highway Services is enhancing the validation of invoices by Tradex by populating invoice data in Causeway Project Accounting (CPA). With this arrangement, when a supplier submits an invoice, Tradex validates it against purchase order details and, if matched, the information is automatically transferred to both CPA and Causeway Enterprise Content Management (ECM) document management software. In this way, manual matching of the majority of invoices is eliminated, thereby saving time and reducing costs.

Key benefits

  • Streamlined processes
  • Reduced manual input to everyday processes
  • Reduced duplication of data entry
  • Significant time-savings and cost reduction
  • Tighter integration of key data
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