Once somebody has worked with Causeway’s Professional Design Suite (PDS) they are rarely happy with any of the alternatives. As a result, when someone who has used PDS in the past moves to a company that hasn’t got it, they will frequently introduce it to their new organisation.

One recent example of this is integrated design and build contractor Sirius Group, which provides streamlined, fully integrated solutions for projects and programmes. Sirius had been using another design package but when a new member of staff arranged a demonstration of Causeway PDS Site Developer the company could see the benefits of changing. In particular, it was apparent that features such as improved efficiency, dynamic updating and full integration with Micro Drainage would give them a clear competitive advantage.

Similarly, Booth King Partnership had not been using any proprietary design software until a new recruit introduced them to PDS Site Developer. Again, a demonstration of the software quickly highlighted features that would eliminate long-winded, time-consuming processes and boost productivity to give a fast return on investment.

Causeway PDS Site Developer is a single package that incorporates Volumetrics, Alignment Design and Drainage Design – making it ideal for the housing, retail and industrial development sectors.

Key benefits

  • Up and running with minimum training.
  • CAD independent.
  • Dynamic updating across the whole design.
  • Faster production of designs to boost productivity.
  • Improved accuracy.
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