WPP Architects has carried out a number of trials to evaluate Causeway BIMMeasure’s ability to extract material quantities from Building Information Models (BIMs) created in Revit architectural design software.

The trials were carried out following discussions between WPP and a leading construction contractor about how best to share information from BIMs. In particular, it was important that information from the BIM could be easily accessed and utilised by the contractor’s quantity surveyors and estimators.

“From what I saw BIMMeasure worked very well,” recalled WPP Architect Bryan Wybrow. “While the Revit model contains a lot of information about quantities, BIMMeasure is able to extract that information in a format that is better suited for the way contractors work,” he added.

WPP has been using BIM for a while and is keen to use it more extensively in future because of the benefits it delivers. The fact that BIM information can be shared effectively with other members of the project team is likely to support the faster uptake of BIM across a wide range of projects. Discover more about Causeway BIMMeasure.

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