According to the Construction Products Association, the construction industry faces challenging times. While civil engineering will fare better than most, civil engineers will still need to improve efficiency. In this post, Paul Madeira explains how exploiting the potential for BIM in civil engineering is the obvious way to go.

While the outlook for the general construction industry is certainly challenging for the next couple of years, it seems infrastructure may fare better than other areas – according to a recent report from the Construction Products Association. However, the fact that civil engineering products may escape the worst of it doesn’t mean that there will be no impact. Indeed, we can be fairly certain that the market will demand more competitive pricing and higher levels of efficiency. To that end, it makes a lot of sense to introduce efficiencies now that will stand you in good stead for the future. A case in point is the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM), which many civil engineers have yet to exploit. For some this is because they associate BIM with buildings rather than infrastructure. For others, the prospect of what they perceive as a major investment puts them off. In fact, BIM has major potential in civil engineering, and introducing BIM functionality does not require expensive add-ons to existing design software - though some suppliers would like you to think it does. With Causeway Professional Design Suite (PDS), BIM functionality is already built-in to the standard product – ready and waiting to be utilised. So how will that help you work smarter and more efficiently? Because BIM takes civil engineering design to a new level. In contrast to static drawings, BIM produces an ‘intelligent’, interactive model of the object(s) to be constructed – such as roads, highways, car parks, drainage etc. Furthermore, it continues to evolve in line with the construction programme so that any changes to the original design are updated in the model. The result is a smoother and more profitable construction programme for you and a better service for your client. For more information on PDS, please contact Causeway.

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