BAM Nuttall has selected Causeway Tradex to deliver an electronic invoicing rollout programme within their supply chain, phase one of which will see 60% of inbound invoices being received electronically.

The decision to use Tradex was a simple one, as 31 of their top 50 suppliers were already Tradex customers. With suppliers including Tarmac, WT Burdens and Speedy sending invoices electronically through Tradex, BAM Nuttall are confident their target of receiving 60,000 invoices directly into their corporate finance system will be achievable within the first 6 months. Having proven the cost and time savings of Tradex with a select number of key suppliers, BAM Nuttall had also seen the rapid adoption rates within the supply chain of other Tradex customers, such as Lend Lease and McNicholas. They are therefore confident that Tradex represents the most effective eTrading platform. Discover how McNicholas eliminated 90% of paper invoices

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