AtlasFram, one of the UK’s largest farmer owned Cooperatives, who purchases farm inputs and markets grain on behalf of its 1250 farm business Members, is to implement our Tradex solution to receive paperless invoices from their suppliers.

In this first phase, having identified that nearly 40 of its suppliers were already using the system, AtlasFram will quickly be able to replace over 10,000 paper invoices with electronic invoices. Moving forward, they will also be able to eliminate further manual document processes, to deliver improved services to the Members and streamline payment processes with the suppliers. Suppliers to be approached under this project include Jewson, Travis Perkins, Cemex UK, Hanson UK, Parker Building Supplies, Aggregate Industries and Speedy Hire. These suppliers have been using Tradex with other customers already and adding AtlasFram allows them to expand their levels of paperless trading. By consolidating purchases from these suppliers on behalf of its members, AtlasFram ensures competitive prices and improves payment processing. However, because payments are handled centrally by AtlasFram, a significant volume of invoices are handled by AtlasFram staff each and every month. At the moment, tens of thousands of invoices have to be manually opened, checked and keyed into the accounts system and archived every month. By adopting Tradex, AtlasFram will be able to automatically validate key details and enter the invoices into the accounts system. Not only will this remove the need to manually enter supplier invoice details, it will also help to reduce the archiving and ultimately enable the Members to gain access to more timely on line account information. By replacing paper invoicing processes with Tradex, AtlasFram will be able to save both time and money whilst also improving supplier and Member interfaces. We look forward to working with them, to ensure their transition to eTrading is as effective as possible. To find out more about Tradex, or connect for free, please visit the Tradex website.

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