Ardmore Group, a long-standing user of Causeway Estimating software, has recently implemented Causeway’s CAD Measure automated measurement solution to help save time and improve the accuracy of take-off from drawings.

Ardmore is one of the largest privately-owned design and build main contractors in the UK, delivering a full capability service in support of the construction and development process.

The company has a large estimating team and had been using manual take-off to extract quantities from drawings. However, Ardmore found that it was receiving a growing number of PDF drawings that needed to be re-scaled and this was a laborious process with the existing systems. Using CAD Measure, they are now able to do this quickly and easily, thereby saving considerable time and boosting productivity.

A further benefit to Ardmore is the ability to import the take-off information directly into Causeway Estimating, avoiding re-keying of information to save even more time while also reducing the risk of keying errors.

CAD Measure is one of the automated measurement tools in Causeway’s CATO Cost & Programme Management suite, which also includes BIM Measure for measuring quantities from Building Information Models.

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