Reacting to growing demand for electronic invoices, leading commercial explosives and blasting services contractor EPC UK becomes the latest of over 140,000 organisations on Tradex, the construction industry standard for digital business transactions.

A wholly owned subsidiary of the EPC Groupe, EPC UK manufactures and supplies a range of commercial explosives and bespoke services, operating through five divisions to cover explosives, blasting services, fuel additives, defence and logistics.

Responding to requests for electronic invoices from a number of its supply chain partners, the company has joined the Tradex community through the purchase of the seller Bundle, which allows for the exchange of trading documents directly via back office and ERP applications.

As construction organisations increasingly undertake digital transformation projects and consider the business case for e-Invoicing and digitised Source-to-Pay, EPC UK’s purchase of the Tradex seller bundle provides further proof that construction organisations are taking steps to ensure they can both send and receive invoices electronically - and reap the many benefits of doing so.

For suppliers, these benefits include everything from sustainability (reduced printing ink, paper, posting, and archiving costs) to improved visibility that enables real-time confirmation that invoices have been received or have passed automated validation rules. By automating repetitive or resource-heavy tasks such as document administration or progress checking, Tradex also enables staff to commit time to value-adding activities and to strengthening new and existing supply chain relationships.

For more information on Tradex and how it is helping to connect and digitise source-to-pay in the construction industry, download a Causeway Tradex Datasheet, visit the Tradex bundles page, or get in touch with Tradex Growth Specialist Eoghan Simpson directly on +44 (0) 1628 552116.

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