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Kier Supply Chain Performance Scoring

At Kier we rely on our supply chain partners and together we make successful teams. We have developed an established supply chain who share in best practice and provide industry leading approaches.

In order to ensure that our current supply chain partners continue to operate at the standards that we require we ask that you, our key project staff, provide feedback about your experience of working with our partners at least once a quarter.

Tradex Supplier Management, provided by Causeway, is our chosen supplier accreditation and performance management platform. Each subcontractor that has been paid within the last quarter managed within Causeway Project Accounting (CPA) will need to be scored, in order to do this follow the steps below:

What do I need to do now?

  • Login to Tradex
  • Click on the Complete your tasks button
  • Click on the Complete performace review link for each supplier
  • Check which supplier / project / order the assessment is for
  • Use the Next button to see the evaluation questions that have been assigned to you for; Commercial, Health and Safety, Highways or Operational
  • Review the assessment criteria for each question and select an appropriate score
  • Enter additional comments as appropriate
  • Navigate through each of the questions and press the Submit button once complete

This will take you back to your task list and complete a review for each one that has been assigned to you

You should have received your username (your email address) and password already. If you do not know your password then request a password reset from the login page.

Many thanks for your time taken to review, your feedback is vital to our business

If you have any questions throughout this process please log a ticket with the Kier service desk under Supplier Management (Tradex)

Still need more info? Watch a quick tutorial for completing a performance review