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IESA - About You

If you have been sent a Unique Reference ID by IESA: Click Here to Activate Your Tradex Portal Account to start sending eInvoices.

Otherwise, please fill in the form below to register for the Tradex connection option which is the most suitable for your Business.

Additionally, if you you process a large number of invoices and don't want to manually re-key these details, a Tradex Automated connection will solve this problem.

If you think a Tradex Automated connection would be helpful to your organisation, please also complete the form below. The Tradex team will be in contact with you to discuss upgrade options for an Automated connection.

However, please still Activate Your Tradex Account first so you can immediately send e-Invoices to IESA, and then complete the form below so we can contact you with upgrade options for an Automated connection.