Every business needs to devote at least part of its energies to preparing for the future, even when dealing with the challenges of today. This is especially true of the built environment sector, which faces major challenges in adopting new methods for constructing built assets and managing them through their life.

As a key technology partner to so many of these organisations there is an onus on Causeway to anticipate that future and ensure the best solutions have been developed and tested by the time they are needed. In the last three years alone we have invested nearly £10m in R&D. This investment will see major new cutting-edge products entering the market this year – products that will add value to our customers’ businesses now and over the next few years.

However, the Causeway Vision is focused even further into the future, so we can be sure that our customers maintain their competitive edge and are equipped to deliver best value to their clients. In this way we are laying the foundations that will help our customers build a better world....

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