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Amey - Electronic Invoicing

As a valued supplier to Amey we would like to take this opportunity to inform and remind you of the requirement to submit any and all invoices via Tradex in order to deliver an efficient and cost effective invoice to payment process.

Tradex provides secure and predictable invoice delivery. Your invoices are received in a format that will be quickly imported and processed, resulting in fewer errors and delays in processing your invoices for payment. Tradex is an e–trading connection that is used by organisations throughout the industry which means that your connection will also give you the ability to exchange paperless invoicing with other customers. For more information, please view our Connections Options page.

If you have any questions regarding your choice of connection method, please contact the Amey project team on [email protected]

To assist in delivering mutual benefits through this process, suppliers must not engage in the delivery of any services or goods without being in receipt of a valid purchase order. In addition, all invoices must quote the exact ticket number quoted on delivery paperwork.

These requirements are designed to ensure transparency, fairness and efficiency. Therefore we must advise that failing to comply may prevent your invoice being processed. Please also note that compliance with the above is a major consideration when selecting suppliers for future business.

Register here to send invoices to Amey.

How to create and send an invoice

For more on how to use Tradex to send invoices to Amey, click here to access the Portal Online Help Guide.

We look forward to realising the mutual benefits of efficient and effective trading. Please register here to send invoices to Amey.

If you want to discuss this with a member of the Amey project team, please use the following email address: [email protected]

If you have a support request, please contact Tradex Support.