Optimising FM resource usage

Causeway FM Facts software is supporting the Library of Birmingham’s facilities management department in the efficient delivery of reactive and planned maintenance tasks, as well as asset management. Delivered in the form of cloud-based ‘Software as a Service’, Causeway Helpdesk and Asset Management modules are accessible to all authorised staff via the intranet, helping to optimise the use of in-house resources and contractors.
Having experienced the benefits of Causeway FM Facts at the old Central Library, the FM team transferred the Helpdesk module to the new Library of Birmingham. All of the data was input by Causeway so that the system was operational for the library’s opening. The Library also uses the Asset Management module to manage around 1,500 assets.

With up to 14,000 visitors a day it is essential that the Library FM team is able to deliver PPM tasks efficiently to ensure safety and cleanliness while also responding quickly to reactive jobs as they occur. One of the major benefits of the Helpdesk system is that it can be easily accessed by all support staff and external contractors via the intranet, so that jobs are reported and dealt with quickly.

FM Facts Asset Management enables the Library to monitor the history of all of its assets, identify trends and develop PPM schedules accordingly. They are also able to see trends to help plan asset management in advance.

Supporting the Operations Process

Causeway’s solutions for facilities, estates, property and sustainability management encompass the key aspects of managing buildings and their performance, with high levels of data integration, mobile workforce capabilities and powerful reporting functionality. With Causeway’s support, building operators are able to optimise their resource usage, improve productivity and deliver to the most rigorous SLAs.