Having experienced the benefits of sending invoices via Causeway’s Tradex eTrading hub, specialist hire company Hewden is extending its use of the system to receive invoices from its suppliers.
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Writing in Chartech, the magazine of The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), Causeway Executive Vice President Tim Cole has outlined the key benefits of e-Invoicing and provided useful pointers to choosing the right service provider.
Causeway’s Tradex eTrading community continues to grow as more and more companies seize the opportunity to boost their efficiency and productivity by exchanging trading documents electronically.
Davro Site Services is making use of the functionality of Causeway Tradex to automate its invoicing processes, thereby improving productivity and visibility of transactions.
Causeway has welcomed the Interoperability Charter, recently launched at the House of Commons by the Business Application Software Developers Association (BASDA). The Charter is designed to raise the profile of interoperability as a fundamental component of a healthy digital economy, while also promoting best practice.
Multi-technical and support services company SPIE UK has selected a comprehensive package of software solutions from Causeway to help manage key processes within its business.
British MPs Stephen McPartland and Adam Afriyie have called for Britain to ‘catch up’ with the rest of Europe in the use of e-invoicing for public sector procurement. Writing in the Guardian they suggest:
“Not only would e-invoicing save huge amounts of taxpayers' money, it would, if implemented properly, stimulate the almost instantaneous emergence of online services for e-invoicing and the adoption of electronic open standards. Britain could become a world leader in the field, creating thousands of new jobs and a lasting boost to economic growth.”
Highways maintenance contractor EnterpriseMouchel (EM) has selected a range of Causeway software solutions to deliver the required flexibility to meet clients’ changing requirements. The new software system – encompassing financial management, project management, document management and eTrading - will enable EM to streamline everyday processes and boost efficiency in key areas of the business.
To spearhead its wider use in the economy, the European Commission (EC) has proposed that all public sector buyers across Europe should be required to carry out procurement electronically by mid-2016. This is expected to save billions of pounds annually. As part of the Digital Economy section of the Single Market Act (II), the Commission proposes that, because of its proven money saving ability, e-invoicing should be the standard mode for public procurement.
FES Group is implementing Causeway’s Tradex eTrading solution to reduce the administrative costs of exchanging trading documents with its supply chain partners.


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