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With the help of Causeway’s Tradex e-Invoicing solution, Balfour Beatty’s Procure to Pay (P2P) efficiency programme has achieved 71% of total transactional volume passing through the Tradex platform.
Housing association streamlines works management transactions with Tradex

Causeway’s Tradex eInvoicing solution is helping Gloucester City Homes (GCH) to streamline the management of supply chain transactions, reduce costs and improve service delivery to tenants.

Tradex e-Invoicing
We take a look at the factors that contribute to successful implementation of e-Invoicing once the initial barriers have been surmounted. Whilst it is certainly true to say that some e-Invoicing projects has not succeeded immediately in the past, the majority proceed very smoothly when planned appropriately. In particular, it is important to be aware of the potential pitfalls and adopt a strategy that avoids them.
Tradex e-Invoicing
House builders are faced with a number of challenges associated with delivering more projects. Many house builders are now taking advantage of technology solutions that have been specifically designed to address those issues.
managing late payments

Late payment is a significant burden for any type of business, and is a particular challenge within the construction industry.

Products and services provided by the companies in a construction project’s supply chain typically account for about 80% of the cost of the project. Contractors need to make sure that they're managing this efficiently.
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Causeway Tradex sponsors the Billentis e-Invoicing Report, which analyses the e-Invoicing developments on a global level.
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In 2015 it was revealed that UK SMEs were owed £67bn in unpaid invoices, with construction being one of the most heavily affected sectors with £7bn of unpaid invoices. That's 17% of the sector's annual turnover!
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The Construction Industry Council will require larger companies to submit more detailed reports about their payment strategy and history, whilst smaller companies will need to have good visibility of the appropriate data to support their own cases.
e-Invoicing, electronic invoices
Cardy Construction is streamlining the management of supply chain transactions while also taking advantage of the flexibility delivered by the Tradex OrderPad app.


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