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Many civil engineering companies are gearing up to make wider use of BIM by taking advantage of the BIM capabilities within Causeway’s 3D civil design package Professional Design Suite (PDS).
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Ease of use, improved visibility of key information and straightforward access to historical estimate data were all key criteria in Duggan Steel’s choice of Causeway Estimating for its tender production. The ability to import high volumes of Bills of Quantity (BoQs) directly into the estimating software was also important.
Many cost management specialists in the construction industry are preparing for greater involvement with Building Information Modelling (BIM) by taking advantage of the automated measurement facilities in Causeway’s BIM Measure.
Causeway Vixen e-Timesheet

Key benefits of Causeway Vixen for TSS Facilities:

CATO Cost Database

When compiling cost plans or bills of quantities, the accuracy of the rate data is a key factor. Many hours are spent ensuring that this data is up-to-date and correct.

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In seeking additional functionality beyond its existing design software, Alliance Group Solutions has selected Causeway’s Professional Design Suite (PDS).



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