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Enterprise Content Management

Causeway ECM addresses the common issue of mobile workers not having full access to internal systems.

It allows remote workers to continue working whether they are connected or disconnected, and also supports mobile devices to ensure that people comply with content policies at all times.


Feature Wheel

  • On & offline working
    • Provides easy download of content to local drive for laptop users.
    • Supports two way synchronisation to manage server and local stores.
    • Allows new documents to be authored offline and then automatically synchronised with the server.
    • Supports common desktop and email applications.
    • Allows documents and other information to be edited offline.
  • Device synchronisation
    • Supports iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows devices.
    • Facilitates upload and storage of content through a simple interface.
    • Supports sharing of content with external parties.
    • Allows content to be published to controlled areas within ECM.
    • Synchronises content between web, desktop and mobile interface.
  • Mobile forms
    • Dedicated app supports Android smartphones and tablets.
    • Allows forms to be completed online or offline on the mobile device.
    • Sends completed form to ECM when connection restored.
    • Forms are sent within a controlled workflow process.
    • Allows forms to be signed and photos to be taken.