Visualisation |
BIM Management

Using BIM Manager’s visualisation capabilities, 3D walk-throughs can be created in real time for sharing with clients and other members of the team. All walk-throughs can be saved and played back at any time in the future.

Use of a ‘movie file’ format also makes it easy to share the file contents with project team members and other parties not using BIM Manager.


Feature Wheel

  • Walk Through
    • Real time walk-through of project.
    • Walk-through can be saved for future review.
  • Record & Playback
    • Walk-throughs can be saved for future review.
    • Walk-throughs can be named for ease of identification.
  • Movie File
    • Walk-throughs can be saved as a video file.
    • Video can be redistributed.
    • Video can be viewed by organisations not using BIM Manager.