Version Control |
BIM Management

BIM Manager provides users with the ability to compare revisions of the same 3D model and use the comparisons to visualise and identify differences. Any differences that are identified in different versions of the model can then be easily reported.

Any issues arising from this exercise can be selected so that a BCF file set is returned to the originator for clarification and, if required, correction of the model.


Feature Wheel

  • Model Comparison
    • Compares two revisions of the same model.
    • Displays differences in models graphically in browser.
  • Issue Reporting
    • Differences between models are reported as issues.
  • BCF Compliance
    • Selected issues can be exported using BCF format files.
    • BCF files can be emailed to the originator for clarification.
    • Revised models are imported to combined model using rules-based import.