Tagged Documents |
BIM Management

Within BIM Manager all documents can be tagged for association with the combined IFC schema for ease of referral later in the project. Users can be shown which documents have been assigned to a position in the model and then be shown which other documents are associated to that item.

Documents associated to the IFC schema can be revised and the original mappings maintained.


Feature Wheel

  • Associate to Model
    • Imported documents can be tagged to the IFC schema.
    • Tagged documents are then available from the model view.
    • An iterative process can be used to view associated documents.
    • Tagged documents can be tagged to multiple positions in the model.
    • Multiple model positions can be tagged to single documents.
  • Dynamic Linking
    • Filter can be turned off so that all documents are visible from the model tree.
    • Model views include parent associations as well as specific associations.
    • Users can follow a document trail to establish where else they have been included.
  • Dynamic Versions Updates
    • Revisions of documents can be imported.
    • Previous associations will be maintained.