Model Viewer |
BIM Management

The document viewer built into BIM Manager can display drawings, models and other document formats without requiring the originating software. It also enables several drawings/models/other documents to opened and reviewed together at the same time.

Models that are viewed graphically can by filtered by entity to show only the required items and mark-up commands can be used to annotate the models as part of the review process.


Feature Wheel

  • Multi File Support
    • 2D drawings can be viewed graphically in the viewer.
    • Viewer also displays 3D Models.
    • Viewer provides graphical displays of PDF files.
    • Raster images can be displayed in the viewer.
  • Multi Document Viewing
    • Supports multiple drawings and models being opened together.
    • Drawing and model documents can be opened at the same time.
    • Three panel view of clash detection for models.
    • Three panel view of model versioning.
    • Synchronisation of pan/zoom in three pane view.
  • Entity Filtering
    • Individual entities and groups of entities can be hidden.
    • Ability to hide entire discipline in combined model.
    • Viewing can be by spatial awareness.
    • Ability to view by category.
    • Ability to view by user defined groupings.
  • Model mark-ups
    • Models and drawings can be annotated.
    • Annotations are synchronised with desktop measurement module.
    • Comprehensive set of mark-up tools available.
    • Mark-up format can be adjusted.
    • Mark-up layers can be hidden if required.
  • Integration
    • Mark-ups created in web module will be available in desktop module.
    • Mark-ups created in the web module will be available in the mobile iOS module.
    • Mark-ups in iOS module will be available in web module.
    • Photographs taken with the iOS module will synchronise with web module.