Model Slicing |
BIM Management

The ability to take a 2D slice in any direction through a 3D model is a great aid to visualising the project in detail. In addition to normal slicing, BIM Manager allows the surface of an object to be used to establish the slice plane.

When a slice plane has been established the view can be modified by rotating it around an axis.


Feature Wheel

  • Multiple Slice Planes
    • Slice 3D model with up to three planes.
    • Slice planes can be rotated.
    • Auto-slice on X, Y and Z planes.
  • Object Surface Slice Planes
    • Slice plane can be established from surface of entity.
    • Slice plane can be rotated.
    • Entity slice planes can be viewed with standard slice planes.
  • Plane Rotation
    • Easy modification of views.
    • Established slice planes can be rotated around an axis.