Model Merging |
BIM Management

BIM Manager incorporates the functionality to import IFC models and then merge them with each other IFC models using a rules-based approach to create a combined view. Merged models can be audited to identify the owner of IFC categories in the combined model.

This rules-based model merging is achieved by defining ownership of IFC categories prior to the model merge. In situations where ownership is not what was expected it is possible to create an exception rule that can then be used in the future.


Feature Wheel

  • IFC support
    • Rules based model merging.
    • Companies are associated to an IFC role.
    • Companies are associated to a domain.
  • Merge Rules
    • IFC ownership is established to each IFC entity.
    • Company and domain ownership is established.
  • Exception Rules
    • Exception rules can be created when required.
    • Exception rules can be repeated on subsequent imports.
    • Exception rules are specific to COBie stage.
  • Model entity audit
    • Established ownership of IFC entities can be audited.
    • Ownership can be amended when re-merging or revising models.